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Year 2004
  • Initial Capital Raised and Company Registered for M-MOS Semiconductor Sdn. Bhd.
  • Design and Prototype Started on 200mm Technology with 0.2um trench
Year 2005
  • Proven 500 Mcell/in² technology for low Voltage (<50V) N and P Channels
  • 1st Product Launching in 2Q05
  • Mass production started in 4Q05
  • Total 7 products launched in 2005
Year 2006
  • ISO9001 :2000 Audit and Certification
  • Development of 500M Cell/in² low voltage (40V – 75V) Trench MOSFET
  • Monolithically integrated MOSFET with ESD
Year 2007
  • Production ramp up to >6Kwafers/month
  • Total 58 products launched to date
Year 2008
  • Company Registration for M-MOS Semiconductor Hong Kong Ltd. as headquarters and subsidiary of Xtrion N.V.
  • 22 new products introduced in 2008
  • Officially setup M-MOS Semiconductor Sdn. Bhd. as subsidiary of M-MOS Semiconductor Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Setup M-MOS Semiconductor Hong Kong Ltd., Taiwan Branch.
Year 2009
  • ISO9001 :2008 Audit and  Certification
  • Started development of automotive quality MOSFET and 600V IGBT, target to be released in 2010
  • 11 new products introduced in 2009
  • Release next generation products with improved specific Rdson and further die size shrink