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Automative Qualification Flow

The following qualification tests formed the automotive qualification flow:

ItemsConditionDurationSample Size
HTRB (high temp reverse bias)TA=175, VGS=0.8xBVds1000 hrs3*77
HTGB (high temp gate bias)TA=175, VGS=1.0xVgs1000 hrs3*77
TC (temp cycle)-50 ~1501000-1700 Cycles3*77
H3TRB (85°C, 85%)85 & 85%, VGS=0.8xBVds1000h3*77
AC (autoclave)121 . 100%RH . 15psig96 hrs3*77
IOL (intermittent operational life)Delta Tj > 100Cycles dep.size3*77
UIS (unclamped inductive switching)3*5
Pre-ConditionJEDEC Level 1 (for smd components)