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Standard Qualification Flow

The following qualification tests formed the standard qualification flow:

ItemsConditionDurationSample Size
HTRBTa=150 , VGS=0.8xBVds1000 hrs77
HTGBTa=150 , VGS=1.0xBVds1000 hrs77
PCT121 , 100%RH, 2atm96 hrs77
TC-65 (15min) ~ 150 (15min) or
-40 (15min) ~ 125 (15min)
500 Cycles77
Pre-ConditionJEDEC Level 31000 Cycles77
NoCondition #1Condition #2
- New Package Qualitification
- New Assembly House
- New Mask Qualitification
- New Process Qualification
- Process Change Re-qualitification (3)
- Die Qualification
- Assembly BOM (Bill of Material) changes (4)
1Electrical TestElectrical Test
2High Temperature Gate BiasHigh Temperature Gate Bias
3High Temperature Reverse BiasHigh Temperature Reverse Bias
4Pre-conditioningNot Applicable
5High Humidity High Temperature Reverse BiasNot Applicable
6Temperature CycleNot Applicable
7PCTNot Applicable