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Technology & Features

At M-MOS, we actively pursue our role as a discrete power MOSFET supplier utilizing leading edge technology and manufacturing facilities to produce quality and innovative products that will provide sustainable added values to the customers. M-MOS utilizes the leading edge sub-micro MOSFET process with 200mm technology to achieve better performance and provides a more cost effective solution. The proprietary 650 Mcell/in2 technology will shrink the Power MOSFET devices for better RDS(on)performance.

M-MOS is qualifying an automotive MOSFET technology where its state-of-the-art low R dson capabilities are combined with highest level of reliability.


Chip Scale Package (CSP) technology
Chip Scale Package (CSP) technology gives much lower Rdson per footprint as compared to fixed dimension of standard package.  Besides the advantage in footprint reduction, Flip Chip device also shows reduced source inductance though direct mounting of the die on the circuit board, better thermal resistance and lower cost by getting rid of back-grinding process.

Rdson Improvement Projects
Rdson Improvement Projects are mainly focus on enhancement on existing products with different process approaches such as shallow trench and low ohmic substrate.

Discrete LDMOS
Discrete LDMOS technology is good for achieving low QG performance with relatively low cost compared to other technologies by optimizing the design structures and processes especially on low Vds and low Vth application.

200V Planar DMOS
200V Planar DMOS are popularly used in applications such as Lighting for 110V AC networks, HID lamps, DC-DC converters, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Inverter, Un-interruptive Power Supply (UPS), and Switch-Mode Power Supply (SPS).  Based on the recent feedbacks from customers, the demand for Inverter, UPS and SPS is increasing over years in worldwide.

Fast Switching ESD Technology
Fast Switching ESD Technology aims to have good ESD performance without jeopardizing the switching capability.

Solid State Relay (SSR)
Solid State Relay (SSR) is our new product line.  The application is similar to power switch.

Gallium Nitride (GaN)
Gallium Nitride (GaN) was a hot topic in power discrete world for many years as silicon-based-power discrete is coming to its limitation.  We believe GaN-based-power discrete will be the future trend as the cost of GaN-on-Si starting material is getting lower as the technology matures.